Question – May I use my SCCCA Membership Pass to attend a concert somewhere else?
Answer – In many instances you may. Many Community Concert Associations—including SCCCA—participate in “Reciprocity”, accepting any current CCA Membership Pass for admission. Sometimes there is an additional charge; sometimes one must wait until most local Members have been seated. One should phone the contact-number in advance to avoid disappointment.

Question – How does one learn about concerts elsewhere?
Answer – The Live on Stage Northwest Representatives send SCCCA a list of the participating CCAs in Idaho, western Montana, Washington, Oregon, and northern California and their Live on Stage-affiliated concerts; sometimes additional concerts are also listed.  The 2017-18 lists are now posted on our Membership page. 
We expect the 2018-19 lists to be available to us by September 2018

Question – What about other areas?
Answer – Reciprocity is available in many areas, but we do not receive information except as mentioned.


Question – Why does SCCCA need my e-mail address?
Answer – To send out last-minute information without undue stress on our Volunteers. We can let a lot of Members know quickly of an added concert or of some change in the schedule. We will not share your email or USPS address with others.


Question – How are the artists chosen?
Answer – Final decisions are made by the Board sometime after September for the following season – about a year before the first concert of a season. Members recommend artists, we review artists chosen by the Northwest Performing Arts Council and similar groups, we review performances on YouTube and other internet sources, review CDs when available, and get information from a few producers and agents. In September each year Live on Stage representatives show clips of their selected artists who will be touring in the Northwest.
We choose from those artists within our budget and whose acts can be accommodated in our venues and on suitable dates.

Question – Can a member who isn’t on the Board help select the artists?
Answer – Certainly. Send your name and other information to info@shoshoneconcerts.org.


Question – What is the current policy on admission to single (individual) concerts?

Answer – There will be no advance sale of individual admissions. An individual admission will be available only at the door at the time of the specific concert. Individual admissions will be available only after it is determined there is sufficient seating for Members. We reserve the right to limit the number of individual admissions to any concert.” Typically the individual admission price for adults will be $20 for a single concert, but this price will be set by the Board and may vary in the future.

Question – Are all the concerts now Sunday matinees?
Answer – No; in some instances an ensemble is not available on Sunday and that concert will be in the evening, usually during the week, usually beginning at 7:00 pm.

During the 2014-15 season trial period this policy worked smoothly, with no discernible impact on present members, membership numbers, or finances. Two to nine individual admissions were bought at each concert.


Question – Are all the concerts handicapped-accessible?
Answer – Yes; all the venues we use either have doors at grade level or have ramps to the main floor and all have restrooms on the main floor.

Question – But there are stairs to the bleacher-seats at Wallace High School.
Answer – Space in front of the bleachers is reserved for wheelchairs and portable seating for those using walkers or otherwise unable to use the stairs. It is somewhat similar at Kellogg Middle School.

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