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Volunteers Welcomed

We are an all-volunteer organization. Everyone who wishes to help will be welcomed. We’ll find tasks that fit your interests and time. Email your preferred form of contact to

General Inquiries

Email us at

Membership Inquiries

Write to SCCA Membership, P. O. Box 23, Kingston ID 83839.

Financial Contact

SCCA Treasurer, P. O. Box 469, Wallace ID 83873.

Board of Directors, including Officers
Marcella Hanson, President, Medimont
Dennis O’Brien, Treasurer, Wallace
Carol Gerard, Membership Chair, Welcome Chair, Kingston
Janet Feiler, Publicity Chair, Wallace
Bob Hanson, Director, Medimont
Nancy Jones, Director, Brochures, Facebook Master, Lane/Cataldo

Volunteers not also on Board of Directors
Benjamin Crosby, Webmaster, Northwoods Web Services, Harrison
Mike Feiler, General Assistance, Wallace
Leanne Reed, Membership Committee Member, Pinehurst
Linn Reese, Membership Committee Member, Pinehurst
Carol Griffin, Welcome Committee Member, Rose Lake/Cataldo
Anne Beck, Welcome Committee Member, Kellogg
Duane Farkas, General Assistance, Silverton
Gail Chatfield, Publicity, Rose Lake/Cataldo
Eileen DuHamel, Publicity, Harrison
Sharon Hewitt, Membership Committee Member, Pinehurst
Naomi Barth, General Assistance, Membership Committee, Wallace
Jim Taylor, General Assistance, Osburn.

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