Q: Must I be a Member to attend a concert?
A: No. For many years Membership was the only form of admission to our concerts, but several years ago we decided to accept admission fees at the door. However, admission to individual concerts is available only at the door and shortly before a concert’s planned start. There are no restrictions on who may attend. Seating is on a first-come-first-served basis as the seats are not numbered or otherwise identified.

Q: Are there any concerts without admission fees?
A: We hope to resume having a concert each season that is open to the public without charge.

Q: What is the present admission fee?
A: Admission to Fubuki Daiko will be $10/adult and there will be no charge for Muller-Webb Duo. Students through high school are always admitted without charge. We ask that young children be accompanied by an older responsible person.

Q: Will there be other requirements for admission?
A: No. We have no way to enforce restrictions but rely on an individual’s judgment if he/she feels there is reason to not attend. We hope to never turn away someone wishing to attend our concerts.


Q: How do I learn of a concert?
A: We will publicize concerts in advance by several methods: articles and display ads in the Shoshone News Press and possibly in other publications; posters placed in several public places in the Silver Valley; on our Website (; and on our Facebook page. We will explore other electronic methods of notification. If you are an Association member, you will have received a schedule in advance.


Q: Are all the concerts handicapped-accessible?
A: Yes, all the venues we use either have doors at grade level or have ramps to the main floor and all have restrooms on the main floor.

Q: But there are stairs to the bleacher-seats at Wallace High School.
A: Space in front of the bleachers is reserved for wheelchairs and portable seating for those using walkers or otherwise unable to use the stairs. It is somewhat similar at other venues.

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